Loss Reserving & Statements of Actuarial Opinion

Loss Reserving is the process of developing estimates of ultimate liabilities for a book of business based on the historical program structure and loss history.  It is integral to many aspects of the services we provide from traditional insurance work to the alternative risk market.

Once we have analyzed the loss history of an organization and developed our actuarial best estimate of the loss reserves, we can provide a certification of loss reserves.  This certification assesses the reasonability of company’s booked reserves as it compares to our review.

Our traditional P&C clients require a more formal annual assessment, or a statement of actuarial opinion, to be filed with their annual statement. Our captive clients also require annual actuarial opinions, which vary in format based on the requirements of the domiciliary state.

Typical Services Provided

  • Annual / semi-annual / quarterly reserve analysis
  • Certification of loss reserves
  • Statement of actuarial opinion
  • Actuarial opinion summary
  • Confidence level analysis
  • Regulatory support

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